Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Funny Arts = HerpDerp

holla peeps! do you know HerpDerp? 
hmm i'm addicted to this funny arts..awesome!! its good to release tension.. ^_^
and most of their arts happen in our daily life.. :)
hmm here you of the arts. :)

click image to enlarge
Do you know H20 and H202 stand for?
H20= hydrogen means water..
H202= hydrogen peroxide__a syrupy liquid compound used as a strong bleaching, oxidizing, and disinfecting agent. It is usually made in large, strategically located anthrahydroquinone autoxidation processes. It is also made electrolytically. The primary use of hydrogen peroxide is in bleaching wood pulp. A more familiar use is as a 3 percent solution as an antiseptic and germicide. Undiluted, it can cause burns to human skin and mucous membranes, is a fire and explosion risk, and can be highly toxic.

click HERE for more funny arts (herpderp)

give your stress wings and let them fly away.. weee~ ~

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