Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Wanna Be A Spy?

hello! whatzupp! huhuh..

Not only actor in the movies can be a cool spy.. you also can! huhu
but how??
let me introduce you a very cool gadget!


as you can see.. cool isn't?

got his parcel :D
spy watch description/specification:
ORIGINAL spy watch MADE IN TAIWAN =====================================================================

Fashionable and high grade wrist watch, with almost all functions of normal watches.

A perfect camera and DV Supports video and voice recording function. Supports photo taking.

With LED indicator.
With large memory capacity of 16GB.
Supports file save and replay.
Needs no drive for Windows ME/2000/XP/MAC OS 9.22 or above version (Except Windows 98).Waterproof design. Easy operation. High quality.

Camera: 5 Megapixel
Video resolution: 720*480/1280*960
Photo resolution: 1600*1200
USB standard: USB 2.0
Built-In memory: 16GB
Video format: AVI Photo format: JPG

Color: Black+ Red only
Package dimensions: 140*100*60mm Support Multi audio
Watch weight: 262g
Package weight: 270g
1 month warranty

to get this cool gadget:

Whatsapp/SMS "spy watch" to 017819161 or inbox me via facebook page :

pay before 2pm = item will be ship out at the same day. after 2pm will be ship out on the next day you should received your item within 2-3 working days (depend on your address)

let's trust each other



Tuesday, 12 February 2013

My Friends..

Holla hup!! I'm here again :) 
arh.... feels so good after long holiday.. huhu by the way.. Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate it and may the days ahead are filled with immense joy and prosperity. :) 

Hmm.. I'm a bit boring so, I decided to update my blog.. and, today is my friend special day! Mayie's Birthday! I bought Mayie on Sunday, 12 February 2012 (such a nice date!)
Below are Mayie's picture... 
Mayie lying down on my friend's (Nelly) pillow.. huhu :)
hmm... mayie wearing my purple scarf.. 
ouh Mayie! you only 1 year old but you're bigger than me.. I  can't hug u! too big!  
Hahah my friend took this picture :)
okey! enough with Mayie's story... cause I have another friends other than Mayie.. let's check it out!! ^_^"
Little Pixie! I love her sooo much.. she's adorable! cute! and I like to sleep with her, I like the smell of her, and usually I place her around my neck while I'm sleeping.. 

Pixie! Pixie! mmuahx! 
Me and my little Pixie..xoxo!
Mayie is my little Pixie's best friend.. huhu :D
Blue-B and Horsie are best friend.. so I hang them on a wall together..  :D
His name Tigger.. not tiger k... he dance and sing well but. now his battery dead. So,  he just sit quietly at my room corner.  @.@"
Her name is Mini.. :)
End of story... hehehe