Thursday, 15 December 2011

Sabah Here I Come...

i still can't believe know what i mean? hahah
hey buddy ..who has same flight with me? 
my flight detail :
:: 16 dec 2011(friday)
:: KL-KK
:: 0645-0920
:: AK 5100

image from mr. google :)
aaaa...can't wait meet my beloved family..miss them so much.. :) 
all i can say right now is.. i'm sooo happy!!
p/s : to dear chingku...don't notty2 while i'm not around k..we'll meet again after 3 weeks..don't be sad..take care of your self..mish u mush2.. :)

2 your comments :):

Elih Japahar said...

uik, lamanya tak updae blog hehe

mellviolet said...

@Elih Japahar huhuh..ya bah..akan di update juga nie..ehehe

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