Thursday, 6 October 2011

Healthy tips: Don't Touch Your Face!!

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Since it's cold (rainy) season.. we're all trying hard not to get sick right? so, one of the best ways to prevent catching a virus is to wash your hands often.. Because the germs on your hands make their way into your body through your eyes, nose or mouth..we all know that it's impossible to keep our hands perfectly germ-free all day long, so an extra measure, you have to keep your hands away from your face..

This is especially important in public places, such as a bus, an office, cyber cafe (keyboard) or your gym where you come into contact with items other people have touched. To reduce your chances of getting sick, avoid holding your head with your hand while staring at your computer screen (ups!! it's me hehehe), and refrain from applying lip balm with your finger.. Use floss instead of your fingernail to remove food from your teeth, and remember not to rub your eyes. If you need to touch your face, wash your hands first..
other bacteria:
E.coli: may cause urinary tract infection(UTI) or diarrhea
staphylococcus: may cause pimple
bacteroides: can cause many infection.

SO! you have to make sure before touch your face, eat or something..please wash your hands first okay...follow this simple steps: 
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Sharing is Caring..BUT Germs are NOT for sharing! 

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