Sunday, 23 October 2011

LOVE : If i could..

hmmph..what do you think about it? is it acceptable? heeeee :)

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Complaint: Smelly Armpits!!

Ough!!!! what the HE*L!!
don't you smell your smelly armpits??!
Betul-betul "kaw"!!
This morning i got class at 7.30am (Genetic and cellular biology)
pagi2 tu nda stress, nda panas,ermm... memang fresh la.. dan syok ja belajar...

jeng, jeng, jeng....

tiba2 pula saya terhidu bau-bauan yang kurang menyenangkan.
sebaik sahaja terhidu "bau" itu:

Mata= mencari siapakah orang itu.
Kepala= rasa macam mo tercabut, rasa ada besi hempap di kepala pun ada, dan semestinya..pening melanda....
Otak= tidak dapat focus, rasa mo pindah tempat duduk/keluar dari class.
Tangan= penat tutup hidung dengan tisu.

So, for those whom may concern..please use deodorant!! i can't stand your smelly armpits..
if possible...avoid consuming food that make your sweat smell worse..and if still smell like he*l..please do check with your physician..

kasihani lah orang sekeliling anda..mereka menderita..

Saturday, 15 October 2011

LOVE : For Assholes with Girlfriends

Is it true?? maybe yes....maybe no...hiks! so, you guys...take a good care of your partner okeh? :) 

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Story of Me: A gift..

whats inside??? :)
weekends!! its time to date!! every weekends aa...
last saturday 8th/oct me&him met..n as usual we ate, watch movies n had some walk here n there..uh..kinda tired..hehe but i had fun wif him..on that day he gave me PURPLE scarf..n i love it soooo much...really2 appreciated it..^_^"
me n my purple scarf..^_^"

purple is the color of love, purple is the color i dreamed of. purple is the color of passion, purple is the latest fashion. purple is the color of glad, purple is the color I've had. purple is the color of me, purple is the best, you seeee......

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Purple Color Chili Padi

Have u ever seen purple color chili padi?

very rare rite.....

There's a picture of purple chili padi..

OMG!! i really love diz color!!  they're very cute! 
cili purple nie kena tanam belakang rumah saya di kampung..hehe 
For me, diz chili doesn't look "pedas" coz i haven't tried/taste it before hikz!...but, my mom said "pedas!"..eww..saya nda berapa minat pedas bah.. :)

saya nda sampai hati mo makan nie lada/cili..sebab..kaler durang nie bah..purple...saya suka purple..hehehe :)

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Healthy tips: Don't Touch Your Face!!

Holla Holla!! ^_^

Since it's cold (rainy) season.. we're all trying hard not to get sick right? so, one of the best ways to prevent catching a virus is to wash your hands often.. Because the germs on your hands make their way into your body through your eyes, nose or mouth..we all know that it's impossible to keep our hands perfectly germ-free all day long, so an extra measure, you have to keep your hands away from your face..

This is especially important in public places, such as a bus, an office, cyber cafe (keyboard) or your gym where you come into contact with items other people have touched. To reduce your chances of getting sick, avoid holding your head with your hand while staring at your computer screen (ups!! it's me hehehe), and refrain from applying lip balm with your finger.. Use floss instead of your fingernail to remove food from your teeth, and remember not to rub your eyes. If you need to touch your face, wash your hands first..
other bacteria:
E.coli: may cause urinary tract infection(UTI) or diarrhea
staphylococcus: may cause pimple
bacteroides: can cause many infection.

SO! you have to make sure before touch your face, eat or something..please wash your hands first okay...follow this simple steps: 
click image to enlarge

Sharing is Caring..BUT Germs are NOT for sharing!