Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Sunway Lagoon..Water Park :)

Drag and drop meaww!! siapa pernah pergi water park di sana Sunway Lagoon? mesti best kan...hari nie cuti Raya so, apa lagi..jalan2 la...trip ni dengan family..kakak+abang ipar+3 orang anak buah yang cute2..:)
jadi 3 urang  tua dan 3 budak kici..buli tahan juga ow fees per entry..

Drag and drop me
Adult      RM 60.00 x 3 orang = RM ?? 
Children  RM 48.00 x 3 orang = RM ?? 
Drag and drop meBounce 

very expensive la..but i'm so lucky.. my brother-in-law belanja ni..(lot of smile)
di sana macam2 game boleh main..yang extreme  pun ada..siok yang tidak terhingga nie..
bah! siapa2 yang belum lagi p sana cepat2 la...hehehe tidak rugi juga..:) ow yaa!! sebelum kami balik tadi ada souvenir kena bagi..yang syoknya tu..souvenir kita sendiri yang pilih samada mo ambil t-shirt/doll/key-chain/watch)..tapi dengan 1 syarat......syarat dia ialah tadaaa!!!..wristband tu kena exchange dengan item yang kita mau ..i'll show u the pictures of Sunway Lagoon..sure u will love it..and wanna go there someday..
naaa..tengok la..^_^

nah! this is our wristband..and need to wear all the times..(its look like a watch rite ? tapi bukan pun..:p)

not only "zoo negara" got tiger maa..sunway lagoon also got ..^_^

its a map of sunway lagoon park..large enough isn't it?
nah! take a! blurry..

its me..wearing black t-shirt..and the other 3 little kids my niece/nephew..

souvenir from sunway's FREE!! souvenir is optional..and i choose t-shirt..:)

okay!! done..there's a lot of pictures taken..but, it's too much if i share all in here..:)
i have full of fun today..but..i got SUNBURN :( time before u go to water park, don't forget to apply sunblock cream all over your body..hee :)

mood yang tersangat happy :)

Monday, 29 August 2011

Curiosity..Killer of Boredom :)

Sebab curiosity juga saya kena marah oleh si dia dulu.. :( apa tidak..saya tanya yang nonsense punya soalan ni..dia bilang " 5 ko tnya soalan tapi 1 jak jawapan" hmm.. apa lagi saya..pun diam2 la..heee ;p susah juga oh kan kalau terlebih curiosity ni.. tapi kalau langsung tiada curiosity tiada cerita laa...boring saja la ada....

oh ya..cakap pasal curiosity ni..teringat pula cikgu saya cakap dulu sama saya..dia bilang "the curiosity also can lead you to success" dia bukan bermaksud ingin tahu benda2 yang lain..contohnya..macam ingin tahu boyfriend/girlfriend kita buat apa? dengan siapa? di mana?... tapi maksud cikgu saya tu curiosity about education..(nah ambik ko!) heee ;p

take off those blinkers and see the world...yeah!!

Almost everyone agree that children learn everything faster and better than adult..kan? kan? kan? (nah betul la tuu..) i have rarely met a child who was really bored..emm..rasanya kamu pun macam tu kan..they're fast learners because they are the most curious little rascals in existence..if u have little sister/brother/niece/nephew or you're the parents of child..sure u all notice this kan? so contohi la budak2..^_^

Unfortunately, as we grow older we tend to lose all important curiosity..cikgu saya cakap "awaken your curiosity, spur your interest and you'll push that boredom into the background!" 
ok cikgu! lepas ni kunun..i will practice being one of the person who curious about what are we now we're studying medical and its all about "heart, drugs,disease, and etc" i will force my self to put interest on them..:) hopefully after Raya holiday i won't sleepy while the lecturers teaching as what as i did before..:)

hopefully ^_^"

Sunday, 28 August 2011

You Give Me Hope..

hai2..hmm..what to do aa..i don't have any idea what kind of entry i should write and share here..but, my friend keep telling me that i should write i did!! yeah.. hehehe

okay! actually...i have sort of memory that i haven't shared to anyone (ups! only my closest friends know about this..heee)..but now..I'm going to write it here..
may be it is just an ordinary memory to u..but for is an extraordinary!! hahaha..and i won't erase it from my memory..(haish..kunun2 bah~ :p)

now..story begin... 

A long long time ago..there's a girl named Mell (it's me)..her behavior is a little bit tough but since she had a girly girl seems her tough behavior slowly faded away..
but her changes changed her relationship is from " being single to in a relationship" (hahaha...this sentence sound familiar rite?? laaa from facebook maa..huhu ^_^) but, unfortunately..their relationship doesn't last long..what a sad ending right...(i make it short..hihi ^_^) 

Year after year.....finally she met a guy...and built a friendship...and month after month passed...they agreed declared on 27th of December...and their story doesn't finish yet..still going on..:)

end of story..^_^"
there's a song that i really2 is "CLOSE" from westlife..when i have hard time to sleep at night..i will listen to this song till fall asleep...because, when i heard this song it makes me feel close to him and keep thinking of him (my love one i meant) hehehee :))

close lyric is here :)


Across the miles
It's funny to me
How far you are but now
Near you seem to be
I could talk all night
Just to hear you breathe
I could spend my life
Just living this dream
You're all I'll ever need

You give me strength
You give me hope
You give me someone to love someone to hold
When I'm in your arms
I need you to know
I've never been
I've never been this close

With all the lovers
I used to know
I kept my distance I never let go
But in your arms I know I'm safe
'Cause I've never been held
And I've never been kissed in this way
You're all I'll ever need
You're all I'll ever need

Close enough to see it's true
Close enough to trust in you
Closer now than any words can say

And when, when I'm in your arms,
I need you to know I've never been
I've never been this close

You give me strength
You give me hope
You give me someone to love someone to hold
When I'm in your arms
I need you to know
I've never been
I've never been
I've never been
I've never been this close 

ermm...this is my first entry anyway..sorry for the bad writing..and thanks for reading! 
enjoy this song.."close" from westlife..