Friday, 9 September 2011

My VIC :)

HOLLA! HOLLA! whatzup u guys? is your day going smooth today? hmph..finally.... i have a space to breathe and update my blog and online FB happily.. ahakz! :) recently, i've been quite busy for my test 1 and midsem.. now i'm FREE!!!! 

But, two weeks from now..i have another test again..wargh!!!'s ok la.. :)

Okay! back to my topic. Do u know what VIC stand for? unusual right? 
VIC means "Very Important Color".

Do u see image i've posted above? if u don't, maybe.. u are an Alien (kidding)..hehehe and that color, is my VIC

Most of my stuff purple color..see~ 

my bag :)
my pencil case, file and pen also purple color! i love them very much!

my laptop background, sticker and headphone..also purple..heee :)
hmm..u all know what kind of thing is that right? ^_^ 

I have some more pictures actually..but, only a few of them I'd shared to u..more than enough right? :) towel, brush teeth, hair clip, hair band, purse also purple bah! heee :)

Dear my beloved members and visitors.. please do keep follow up my blog update k..coz tomorrow i wanna give u some simple tips. Remember! it's about HEALTH :)

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