Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Final Exam

huh! exam, exam and exam..
i already promised with myself not to surf an Internet for 2 weeks .. no FB, no tagged, no YM, no skype, no netlog and no blog but, now?? hahaha (budak jajal..) :p
exam started yesterday 21st Nov and will end on 2nd Dec 2011! after that..HOLIDAY!!! 

But........i have 5 more paper to go..
1. systemic pathology 
2. English
3. genetic and molecular biology
4. clinical pathology
5. pharmacology 

total subject 6..and the 6th paper is anatomy and physiology.. (n suda ambik paper nie semalam)
hmmm ok..that's all..hehe 
image above from Mr.google :)
I'm not in a silent mode..I'm in a exam mode okeh...and all the best to me!! huhu 

will update my blog after i come back from BIG WAR... c ya! ^_^"

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