Monday, 14 November 2011

Interesting Facts - part 2

holla peeps!!
another interesting facts ^_^"
here you go...

  we have 3 stages of life: 
    Teen age: Have time + Energy...but no money 
    Working age: Have money + Energy...but no time                                   
    Old age: Have money + time..but no energy

Then and now..(click image to enlarge) true isn't it? hiks! ^_^"

okay..let's try this! read the sentence below as fast as you can :)

how? have you read the "the" twice?? haha i did before.. :)

we have been cheated almost of the time by the big agencies and we don't care about it, but when a friend cheat you there goes a war..

 "Human eyes are the same from birth but our nose and ears never stop growing"

Did you know that Cockroaches can live for more that one week without head. They die due to starvation.
so, if you wanna kill them, you have to smash, smash, smash and smash till they die..hehehe 

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